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White Oak bass fishing team places fifth in Palestine tournament


Addie Roling

Staff Writer

On Saturday November 5th the bass fishing team competed against other schools from all over East Texas in Palestine to determine which school could catch the biggest fish.

“I enjoy fishing because it’s a way out of problems in life,” senior Ty Portwood said.

The White Oak fishing team competes in the East division against many other schools traveling from lake to lake trying to weigh in the biggest fish. Each tournament has a 5 fish limit and whichever team brings in the heaviest fish wins anything from gift cards to cash prizes. White Oak, as a team, placed 5th overall in the Palestine tournament.

“I like fishing because it is my relax time,” sophomore Ryan Denton said. “Kinda like when girls go to the mall for their relax time, it’s fishing for me.”

Denton and his partner senior Jacob Bly finished in 10th place in the Palestine tournament with a total weight of 14 lbs and 17 oz for the five fish limit. Bly and Denton have placed well in other tournaments and are currently ranked third in the Eastern division.

“I joined the fishing team to spend time with friends and because I love to fish,” freshman Tanner Mckinney said.

Mckinney caught the 3rd biggest bass weighing in at 7.44 lbs. Mckinney is new to the team, just joining this year, with his partner sophomore Dalton Sumrow. Mckinney fished this one alone because Sumrow could not make it to the tournament, placing 40th overall in the Palestine tournament.

“Fishing is a sport I can always get better at and it’s a sport that I can’t always just go out and do, so I enjoy being on the fishing team,” junior Seth Kutch said.

Junior Seth Kutch and his partner sophomore Trenton Gross placed 11th at Palestine with fish weighing in at 10.73 lbs. They have placed in many other tournaments including making it to the state tournament last year. Gross and Kutch have been fishing with each other for two years.

“Fishing is fun because I like being outdoors, and catching fish, but if they aren’t biting it’s not as fun,” freshman Carson Roling said.

The conditions were rough on the fishermen, according to Roling, because it started off raining in the morning and the lake is naturally a hard lake to fish. Despite the difficulties, the White Oak bass fishing team ended up placing 5th overall in the tournament. The members of the team will compete again in February.

“Being on the lake when it’s cool outside and catching a big ole bass are my favorite parts about being on the fishing team,” senior Jacob Bly said.

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