Q&A With Miss White Oak

Haley Spencer, Staff Writer

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1. How nervous are you for the pageant?

For sure that Spencer left such a big legacy by winning last year, so I just feel like I should really win.  And talking in front of everybody. That’s definitely kind of nerve wracking.


2. Are you nervous about answering the big question?

Yes, because I have really really bad luck, so I know that I am going to get the new question. But then again I am preparing for it, so hopefully I’ll be prepared.


3. Do you have your dress yet?

No, but I am supposed to go shopping this week. I am either thinking red or dark blue because those are the colors I look best in. I don’t really know what style yet, I just know it’s gonna be long. But beyond that I really don’t know!


4. Why did you want to be Miss Gregg County?

So I can take part in my senior year and not live it in the background. I really want to have something to look back on.


5. Do you have a message for the MoJoes?

Yes! I expect a lot of people to be there and for them to be just as loud as they were last year… actually a little bit louder. I really appreciate the support so I really hope I can go out with a bang!


6. What are you most looking forward to?

Probably getting all dolled up for the night and having attention on me. I like that sometimes. I am also really excited to represent White Oak well.


7. Do you know any of the other contestants?

I have no idea who anyone else is. This Sunday I will be going to a little get-together and I’ll get to meet all the contestants and judges and that’s when I’ll get to know who everyone is!

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Q&A With Miss White Oak