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  • Calling all Mojoes

    Calling all Mojoes

    Victoria Babineaux, Staff Writer

    February 23, 2018

    Ah yes, Friday Night Lights at last. Themed spirit days. Pep rallies. Half time shows. Trash talk from visiting teams. The Mojoe section. Wait, record scratch- hold up. Mojoe section? Yes freshmen, you read it correctly. The “Mojoe section” or the student section, call it as you will. It’s you...

  • High hopes, low times

    High hopes, low times

    Baird McDaniel, Contributing Writer

    January 31, 2018

    Layton Anderson will compete in the UIL Regional Swimming meet Saturday, Feb. 3. As a senior, this will be Anderson’s fourth time competing at Regionals. He will be going into the tournament as top seed. Anderson will be competing in several events during this weekend’s state qualifying meet, “I ...

    Lisa Potichko

  • Cats Versus Dogs

    Cats Versus Dogs

    Lauren Hinch, Staff Writer

    November 7, 2017

    Hairballs or stray hairs is not what you want to see when you walk into your living room but for people who have pets, they understand that it’s worth it. Having three cats, Yaroub believes that cats aren’t as high-maintenance as dogs. “Costs can be much cheaper with cats,” Yaroub said. ...

    Posing for the selfie with his cat, Grumpy, Yaroub talks about his favorite memory he has had with his cat. “Dressing my cats up as santa claus for halloween was pretty unforgettable,” Yaroub said. “Finding Grumpy in my bathroom and cabinet drawer was pretty funny too.”

  • Students attend Harvest Festival to see peers’ work

    Students attend Harvest Festival to see peers’ work

    Addie Miller, Staff Writer

    November 3, 2017

    On Friday, October 27th, the ag-mech students from White Oak High School traveled to the Maude Cobb center in Longview for the opportunity for a hands-on experience at the annual Harvest Festival. “I had never been close to cows, goats, or pigs before, so to be able to touch and interact with them w...

    Standing by their fire pit, seniors Katie Warren and Abby Hinton talk about their project.

    Jesse Gaut

High hopes, low times
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