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Madden Cover Curse

EA Sports- It’s a cursed game

Nate Hearron, Staff Writer

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Donovan McNabb. Michael Vick. Adrian Peterson. All of these names ring success, glory, and fame in the world of football. But each of them also symbolizes a harsh decline.

What these three names truly have in common is their showcase on the Madden NFL Cover (2006, 2004, 2014/Madden 25 editions, respectively) and their sudden descent from stardom afterwards. The Madden Cover Curse is no joke, as just about every career of each cover athlete has spiraled into the abyss after being on the cover of the EA Sports game.

McNabb, after leading his team to their second ever Super Bowl, was covered Madden 2006. Unfortunately, the McNabb we saw after Madden 2006 was not the same as the one we saw prior to. His next season was strung with injuries that essentially ended his career, as he failed to find success and eventually retired in 2011.

Vick, redefining the quarterback position, was featured on the cover of Madden 2004 after finishing the season with over 3000 yards passing and over 750 yards rushing, a stat-line you don’t typically see. Once again, the curse struck, and Vick missed the first 11 games of the following seasons, and then later went on to be arrested for dog-fighting. Vick returned to the league in 2009 but failed to find success and eventually retired from the NFL in 2011.

Peterson, following a 2097 rushing-yard and MVP season, was featured on the cover of Madden 25, the 2014 and 25th edition to the franchise. The following season, Peterson missed the end of the season with an ankle injury, and later was suspended from the league indefinitely for the beating of his son. Peterson was banned from the league until April 2015. Since, Peterson has struggled to find success.

The Madden Cover Curse has virtually ruined the career of nearly every cover athlete since their very first game to have an athlete on the cover on Madden 99.

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Madden Cover Curse